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Oil&Gas of Kazakhstan Magazine

Oil&Gas of Kazakhstan Magazine - is the first and as of today the best analytical periodical, that discusses problems of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan. The topics of discussion involve the monitoring of the investment climate in the country, the state of affairs in Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry, and also new projects, which expect implementation in this field. In addition, the magazine publishes numerous statistical figures pertaining to such fields such as volumes of production and processing of hydrocarbons, transport tariffs, export and import of oil and oil products, etc.

All publications placed in the magazine are always prepared in consultation with experts brought in from Kazakhstani and foreign oil and consulting companies. The magazine is brought out every two months in English and Russian languages.

We would be happy to see you among our subscribers. We also hope that the information in the journal will be useful to you, with our cooperation being fruitful. The subscription price for an annual set is 18 000 Tenge within Kazakhstan. Outside the Kazakhstan subscription price is USD150.

If you have any questions, please contact Anelya Turdieva, Marketing Manager:

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